Zip Code Base with Github Actions for Releases

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In this tutorial, we will use Github Actions to zip the code base and create a new release with it.

Code Base Setup

You will need a Github repository and access to Github Actions. First step, clone your repository and switch into it. We will begin to create empty files in the folder. These files represent a simple app.

Push the changes to the master branch.

Workflow Setup

We will use the zip command: zip -r .. This is zip into a file called and zip up the current directory (.).

Create a workflow here:

The contents should be:

Then push your changes to the remote repository:

As you can see it worked, but we zipped too much. We don’t want to zip the .git folder, the .github folder or the .gitignore file.

We can use -x. We can also test this locally (if on Ubuntu or OSx):


We are going to use this release/tagging. You can look at this this release/taggingawesome list of actions for a range of actions.

Update the workflow to be:

You can download the source code.

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